Timber Sale Administration

Selling timber from a tract of land is a good mechanism to generate income and funding for other projects that may be needed.  Poorly planned and timed timber sales generate less revenue for a landowner and leave behind a less productive forest.  It has been proven that by utilizing the services of a consulting forester a landowner will not only generate more revenue from the sale of timber but will also leave a more productive and balanced tract for the future. 

Northeastern Forestry Concepts, Inc. has developed a comprehensive Timber Sale Administration service that is designed to maximize profits and protect the interests of the landowner. 


Establish Landowner Goals - The most important step is to determine what the goals and objectives of the landowner are.  The landowner is interviewed to determine the best way to balance their goals and objectives with the resource that is present on the site. 

Completion of Timber Sale Administration Agreement - A service agreement is created which details how the landowner will pay Northeastern Forestry Concepts, Inc.  Typically we work on a commission which is the standard for most consultants. 

Right-of-Way Negotiation and Agreement - If any right-of-way agreements are needed Northeastern Forestry will negotiate the terms and prepare a formalized access agreement.

Delineation of Property Lines - All property lines that are located around the project area will be unofficially surveyed and marked with ribbon or paint marks. 

Preparation of Bid Package - All trees to be removed will be marked with a paint stripe or dot on the main stem of the tree.  Trees marked with a stripe will also have a spot applied at the base of the tree.  An individual estimation is made on each tree to arrive at a highly accurate determination of board foot volume per tree.  Using this information a bid package is prepared and sent to as many potential purchasers as possible.  This package includes:

  • Site Location Map
  • Timber Sale Map
  • Bid Return Sheet
  • Bid Tables Showing Species Type and Volume of Marked Materials
  • Requirements of Sale Including Permit Costs and Contract Length

Marketing of Sale - After bids are sent out to potential purchasers Northeastern Forestry Concepts follows up and actively markets the sale by calling mills and meeting individuals at the tract to review the marked area. 

Bid Review and Paperwork Preparation - All bids will be due at a certain day and time.  We will schedule a time to review the results with you.  Unless there are specific considerations, the highest bidder is typically awarded the sale.  Northeastern Forestry Concepts will prepare a comprehensive contract that is formulated to protect you and your property.  Along with the contract a Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Plan for Timber Harvesting Operations will be prepared.  This plan, along with the contract, clearly defines appropriate site planning, maintenance, and cleanup.  Any other permitting that is required will be prepared at this time.  When the contracts are executed the landowner will receive a downpayment of 25 % and the rest of the payment just before harvesting operations commence. 

Preparatory Site Planning - After consulting with the landowner, Northeastern Forestry Concepts will establish the loading area, trail system, and haul road locations.  These areas will be designed to minimize impacts to the site. 

Sale Administration - During and after the harvest Northeastern Forestry Concepts will make spot inspections of your site to ensure compliance with the contract and soil and erosion plan.  If any problems arise we will be there to take care of them for you.