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Professional forest management is a specialty of Northeastern Forestry Concepts, Inc.  We have assembled a team of natural resource professionals that combine a sound knowledge of forest, wildlife, and recreational management with a balanced concept of maintaining an economically productive forest with a healthy, natural environment.    


We have generated a set of services designed to assist landowners with planning and implementation of woodland and stewardship based activities including maintenance of farmland assessment and other tax reduction programs.  


When we complete projects for our clients we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and environmental standards.  It is not just a matter of working hard to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.  Often, it is a matter of enhancing the environment and providing lasting benefits through our actions.   



New Jersey Farmland Assessment Maintenance Services

 Our company has designed a tiered group of services specifically oriented to meeting your woodland management or forest stewardship maintenance needs.  Choose a service level or customize your service and we will take care of the rest.   

Woodland Management or Forest Stewardship Plan Preparation

Appropriate planning is a key component to management of your property.  A woodland or stewardship plan will provide specific guidance based around your goals and objectives.  

Timber Sale Administration

We have developed a comprehensive Timber Sale Administration service that is designed to maximize profits and protect the interests of the landowner.   

Property Tax Reduction

Most states have a program to give landowners a tax abatement for management of their woodland resources.  Each state defines their own set of rules and regulations regarding these programs.  

Tree Planting / Property Line Posting / Field Mowing

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