Plan Preparation


There are many benefits to having a woodland management or forest stewardship plan prepared for your property. 

  • Assists in entry of preferred tax assessment programs
  • Creates a planning document that integrates landowner objectives and site resources
  • Establishes forest value
  • Provides a large amount of site specific knowledge
  • Provides landowner eligibility for stewardship related cost-share activities *
  • Provides specific planning for wildlife, recreational, and water resources *

Northeastern Forestry Concepts, Inc. guarantees approval of your plan for entry into preferred tax programs.  We consistently update the plans to ensure that we are meeting the standards set forth from administrative agencies.  The most current information available about your site is utilized when creating your plan. Our stewardship plans include:

  • Property Location Maps
  • Historical Mapping
  • Site Mapping
  • Stand Mapping
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Soils Mapping
  • Full Forest Inventory
  • Stand Descriptions and Recommendations
  • Wetland / Buffer Area Identification and Management Recommendations
  • Endangered Plant / Animal Information
  • Wildlife Management Section *
  • Forest Health Section *
  • Recreation Section *

* Stewardship plan only

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